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vampyres's Journal

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This is a community for vampyres, vampyre fans and those interested in vampyrism.

Please have an open mind when joining, posting in and viewing this community. Your definition of a vampyre is probably diferent from others' perspectives.
A vampyre is different from a vampire, to most. A vampire is basically the Hollywood myth. Immortal and nocturnal being who hunts at night and turns into a bat. That is not what this community is about. While Anne Rice is lovely and all, this community is dedicated to mainly sanguinarianism (vampyrism). A vampyre is usually in referal to people who are into sanguinarianism, and have chosen vampyrism as a way of life and an everyday element. They are safe, realistic and simply have different and darker needs. As cheesy as it sounds, it is real and so many have chosen this as a LIFESTYLE. For more information, I recommend this.
The bottom line is, keep an open mind. Everyone and their views and life paths are different from yours.
Feel free to post poetry, ideas, questions, experiences, advice, etc. in this community.

Started by Decay

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